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An invention with a high business potential

The garage industry is taking advantage of a major growth in North America. This attracts important players such as Whirlpool and Rubbermaid. This space is more and more used as a recreational room and for storage but in all cases, the door insulation is a failure; Resulting in loss of heat in winter and cool air in summer.

My invention is the solution to this problem. It consists of a simple and effective mechanism that allows the door to lean firmly against the frame upgrading to a hermetically tight seal. This eco-energetic product is easy to install and possess a high business potential, more than 70 millions garages in the US alone, with a growth of 2million new homes annually.

My invention still at the development stage, but has been subjected to serious tests with conclusive results. Two prototypes are available, one manual and another one with a standard door opener.

A visit of the "Sauterelle" website will give you the opportunity to screen videos showing the mechanism in action as well as documents linked to the patent and trademark. Furthermore you will have access to a market study conducted by a professional of the INVENTARIUM.

My objective would be to sell my rights in return of royalties. I remain open to any serious offer.